CVS and Ubuntu (and some WordPress weirdness)

Managing users/groups for CVS. Here’s how to allow user joe to modify code in a CVS directory. Depending on how your permissions were set up, the following commands may or may not have to be run with sudo.

First, we need to create a group dev that will eventually have rw access to the CVS directory:

groupadd dev

Then, we need to add user joe to the dev group:

usermod -G dev -a joe

The -G flag adds joe to the dev group, while the -a flag assures that joe retains his original group as well. Without the -a flag, joe would only be a member of dev, erasing his previous group.

Then, change the group ownership of the target directory, in our case /cvs/test/:

chgrp -R dev /cvs/test/

Finally, add group rwx permissions for the dev group:

c hmod 774 -R /cvs/test/

Note: Apparently, WordPress does not allow me to publish the word “ch”+”mod” as one word. A page comes up with “An appropriate representation of the requested resource /wp-admin/post.php could not be found on this server.” and of course all my work is gone.

In any case, in the last line above, the “c” and the “hmod” should be one word.

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