Hacker News – Initial GUI

In the previous post, I ran through the installation of Visual Studio and loading a sample project. The post ended with a minimal GUI mock-up for a very simple Hacker News front-end:


It’s basically just a few links that come from a RESTful API on the web, which will allow me to get familiar with VS and C#.

Anyway, starting out with a brand new project, the IDE looks like this:



The biggest problem so far has been documentation. Searching for “making restful calls in C#” on the internet yields many results, and it is really difficult to tell what is still current and what is outdated.

Apparently, there is something called “Nuget” which downloads libraries and links them to your VS solution. One of these libraries is Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Client that is needed to call restful APIs on the internet. This post in particular is handy: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9620278/how-do-i-make-calls-to-a-rest-api-using-c

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